Lou's Picks Must-Have Albums

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Eric Tessmer  

The Skinny: Best blues artist today with a new release.

MaryAnne Marino
A Little Something (EP)

The Skinny: Great little album.

Sleep and Dream of Fire

The Skinny: One of the best albums of the decade. Great American folk music; great melodies and lyrics. [Click for Full Review]

Aimee Mann
Fucking Smilers

The Skinny: Aimee Mann patches a quilt of beautiful melodies and sharp lyrics. [Click for Full Review]

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Bruce Springsteen


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Suzanne Vega Beauty & Crime


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Catherine Feeny
Hurricane Glass


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Dave McEathron Passers By, Passers Through


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Full Review:
Aimee Mann
One More Drifter in the Snow

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Full Review:
MaryAnne Marino
Ghost of You

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Deadboy and the Elephantmen
We Are Night Sky

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Bob Dylan
Modern Times

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Nellie McKay Pretty Little Head

I Am Sam Soundtrack


34 Years Ago Today
Meeting John Lennon

My friend Howie and I arrived at the Beacon on opening night. I introduced myself to a young Ron Delsner [more]

Album Review: Sequoya's
"Sleep and Dream of Fire"

One of the best albums of the decade. Great American folk music; great melodies and lyrics. [more]


An Interview With Sequoya

Bonnie of Sequoya provides inside look of the mechanisms behind composing new material, playing live, and the North Carolina music scene. [more

If you're out in San Francisco, stop by Lark in the Morning music shop in Mendocino and check out the Stroh Violin; hike the Mendocino headlands, enjoy the salt sea air, talk to the seals, stay in a quaint bed and breakfast or inn and dine at one of their fine local restaurants.



Suzanne Vega's Keyboardist
Lives on the Second Floor

Suzanne Vega waits and waits to play City Hall Park in NYC in support of new album [more]

CBGB's & Patti Smith in the 70's - Eyewitnessed

A picture in the NY Post of CBGB's in the 70's reveals my friend Johnny in the front row. Read his reminisces [more]

Aimee Mann Picture Story - Live in New York City

Aimee Mann performing at Rockefeller Park, in New York City [Click Here for Picture Show]

Related Article:

Aimee Mann Is the Marvin Hagler of Singer/ Songwriters

She does her thing, then puts her hat on and goes home. [more]  




Stupid Lists

Essential Albums

A list of albums you can listen to over and over again, according to .. me. [more]


The Grammy Game:

The Grammys, Zeppelin, 
and Felatio

Look 'it, the Grammy's have awarded Led Zeppelin with a lifetime achievement award!

The Grammyís can blow me.

Janet Jackson 
Shows Tit, 
Confusing Everyone

..the only reason why the NFL and the top honchos at CBS, the company that broadcast the game, were thrown into a tizzie about the whole affair is not that Janet Jackson showed tit... [more]


Beekeeper Tour:

Tori Amos .. 
in Concert

This tour was sans percussion, and it wasn't missed at all. 

Back and forth from piano to organ, then both at the same time while singing hitting high notes then off to a different organ with lights and moods and a good setlist. [more]


Rising Star:

Doris Day, Eminem .. and 
Nellie McKay

I used to be a big fan of Doris Day until one day my sister referred to her as a cow. Caught me by surprise but it seemed a good word to sum up her mugging to the camera and accentuation of her mammary glands. [more]

TV Show Review:

The Chris Isaak Show

And every week there's a guest star. Last week Gloria Estefan tried to steal his drummer. Her acting was so-so -- at times good; at times a bit wooden. 


Joan Osborne Picture Story
"How Sweet It Is"

Joan Osborne toured in 2002 for her album of covers, "How Sweet It Is". 

See pictures of Joan in concert in NYC.

Listen to an interview with Joan and acoustic performance at Acoustic Cafe. 

Joan performing in NYC at World Financial Center in June, 2002. Click on picture for more pix.

The Doors 'Light My Fire':

Cat Fight with Jose Feliciano's Wife

Man, leave it to the internet to bring people together... I just had this cat fight with Jose Feliciano's wife.. I went up to his website to lodge a complaint, and nature took its course.. [more]


Sheryl Crow Gets Around

.. And part of the fun is that Sheryl often screws up the song. She had barely taken the stage for her MTV Unplugged performance a few years back when she massacred D'yer Maker before the whole music world, blowing a high note right off the bat; sounding like a wounded bluejay. Then she got some of the lyrics wrong. At the end of the song she says playfully, "Sorry Robert." You gotta love it; it's adorable.  .. [more]

An Arab Lifts the System?

January, 2002 - How ironic is it that the hottest rock band out right now, System of a Down, singing things like "Angels Deserve to Die", and "everyone must die".. and the "toxicity of our cities", is fronted by a lead singer who is.. Armenian but looks like an arab terrorist

Born in Lebanon, and moved to LA at age 8 where he was 'americanized', points out System's website...Serj Tankian looks and sings like a crazy terrorist bastard.  And how about the timing of their album coming out in September of 2001

In actuality, he's not an arab, nor a terrorist, and is singing out against drug abuse (toxicity) and other evils.

As good as top single Chop Suey is, Toxicity is one of the most head-turning songs I've heard since.. Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. This guy Tankian is a maniac, with an operatic tenor voice, bashing out high C's like a cat in heat. 

-- LouV

Why Janet Jackson Sucks, 
and Madonna's So Good

Let's get this straight from the start -- I'm not a Madonna fan. She's an ego-driven idiot, who has a mediocre voice, mediocre looks, mediocre dancing ability, and can't play an instrument.

But ..  [more]


The Worst Harmonica Player of All Time

Who is the worst harmonica player of all time? This question was posed to some harmonica playing expert on the Dick Cavett show in like 1977. Yes, that's a long time ago. Dick Cavett was a talk show host. Any other questions? Right, the answer was...[more]

Short Story:

Johnny Cash on Bob Dylan

"Well when I heard Bob Dylan, I thought he was the best hillbilly singer I ever heard. And I wrote him a letter. I wrote him a letter on the plane Ė Iíll never forget Ė and I mailed it to him in one of those vomit bags they have on the plane. (Laughter)

And he responded immediately and sent me a letter in the same kind of an envelope.
Just rambling, just talking about music, you know, and the business, and what we wanted to do and the songs we had written, songs we were singing, and just on and on and on. Just rambliní. And we wrote each other two or three times after that before we ever met. We met, actually, at that Newport Folk Festival. ďThe Times They Are A-Changiní,Ē itís a political song, all right. And itís a song of prophecy, as far as Iím concerned. A prophetic song whose prophecies definitely came true, the changing of the times and the Vietnam War, and all that, you know? It was a very momentous, prophetic song."



Glenn Jones Radio Program



Music Ideas by Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby


Delphine Blue


Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt at WKCRW in Los Angeles


Acoustic Cafe with Rob Reinhart



New Album by Kate Earl Released in 2008
[Click Picture to Hear]



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Correct Lyrics to Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind"

"Just like a paperback novel, the kind that drug stores sell"

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"Just like a paperback novel, the kind that just don't sell"

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