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How to Replace Logo on Ford Steering Wheel

The Death of Oldsmobile

Sometimes people take for granted that a large company knows what the heck it's doing when it comes to building, marketing, and selling products. Oftentimes this is not true on a massive scale. [more]


OJ Acorn '2' Prowls the Roadways

With the aforementioned smoky Rte 3 death of the “mighty” Mazda 323, it became a fast a furious necessity to latch onto 4 wheels and a motor to commute the daily work pilgrimage.  The funds were absconded from sources unknown, and I was off to the carmart – the ultimate Ignorant Shopper... [more]

Good Bye Mazda

...I open the hood, smoking like a blue volcano, this is serious.  So I sit there for about 1/2 hour, let the engine cool, a little longer, let it cool some more, then 

I open the radiator and pour in some water.  It goes in all right, after about 15 seconds, white smoke starts fuming out the radiator nozzle like a 19-century locomotive.  Hmmm, let it cool some more.  Car won't start... [more]

The Rise of Retro

This just kills me, because for years I've been telling anyone who will listen that the automakers should redo some of the classics from the 50s with current technology. It's a no brainer. You can even steal from some of the old commercials...

New Chevy SSR

Anybody who's anybody will tell you that the 50's were the classic period for car styling. Finally, finally, Ford declares a two years ago that they'll come back with a new Ford Thunderbird with 50's styling. Still waiting for it. Then Volkswagen beats them to the punch with the New Beetle. Then Chrysler comes out with the PT Cruiser. Now all the marketing geniuses at the major makers have been jolted with a touch of inspiration, and are saying, hey, let's come out with retro cars.

Also for many years I've been saying that companies with established products should resurrect the old commercials for things like M&M's, Good n Plenty, Top Job, etc. Just play them straight up on current tv. Be a blast. They'd even be saving on paying their advertising company. If this starts happening, remember, you heard it here first.

Chrysler's PT Cruiser