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Welcome to the House & Garden section of Have some questions on how to tackle tough home improvement jobs to your house or home? Need some inspiration on touch up ideas or living improvements? You've come to the right place. 

 Gas or Oil Heat?

Gas Bomb

...When I opened the back door, there was a TREMENDOUS smell of gas, I went racing into the basement and discovered ... [more]


How to Kill Your Brother-In-Law's Fish

The following procedures are to be followed if your brother- and sister-in-law are in-between moving from an old house to a new house, and your brother-in-law gives you his fish to watch [More]

The Perfect Screw Holder:

The Case of the
California Job Case

Back in junior high school, in one of the vocational classes that you could take, alongside woodshop, I forget the name of the class, but everyone had a California Job Case.. [more]

 Getting Rid of Poison Ivy

A Private War

Poison ivy is deceptive. It's leaves are wide and shiny, making it look like a beautiful bush. But your resistance lowers every time you come in contact with it, it is taking over with global warming, and it is a bitch to get rid of. [More.]


Home Improvement:

 Dante's Blow Dryer

... I was half-watching a handyman show when they had a helluva paint scraping task. They were using an electric heat gun. Perfectly brutal! In an ugly conventional war against paint, the heat gun is splendidly nuclear. .. [more]




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