The Ignorant Traveler   

Delaware River, NY

The Delaware River provides plenty of crystal clear water and rapids all season long. Run the rapids beneath spectacular cliffs and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Churchyard Boys at the put-in, right anut-in, right and below. [Click on images to enlarge.]

Calm water for families and beginners or whitewater for experts and thrill seekers. Stop and picnic on secluded shorelines or islands along the way.

Enjoy the natural and cultural history of the Delaware River Valley. You'll be wet and happy floating, splashing and bobbing in the clean Delaware.

Relaxing and refreshing! Dick Acorn (here lounging in kayak) does not need a flotation device!

Exciting and challenging! Dick Acorn celebrating his selection as the "John Jervis Man of the Year" award.


All photos by Bob B-Bob Scurra (pictured above crouching front & center.)


Former National Canoo Association president John Gibney (crouching front left) and Chris Joyce (arm on Gibney) share happy times before their wet and recrimination-filled Delaware canoo journey the following day.