The Ignorant Traveler   


Delaware River, NY
June, 2002

2002 Delly photos courtesy of Bob Scura Chris "Big Daddy" Turner"

Churchyard Boys, 2002 Canoo Trip put-in

Henceforth, this song is to be song before all Canoo Journeys:

The O'erturned Canoo

lyrics by Dick Acorn

song to the lovely music of our "National Anthem"

Oh! Say can you see!
by the Oer'turned Canoo!
What so gladly we packed
at the put-in's last loading

Whose full beers were ice cold...
in the cooler packed tight
O'er the waves did we crash!
in the drink did we light!

And the ter-ror in there!
The rocks hur-ting us fair!
Gave hope, in our hearts
That our beer might still be near!

O say is our open coo-oo-oo-ler still full?..
In the gra-a-a-and Del-ly!
Or in the hold of our Oer'turned Canoo!


Dick Acorn (center) at the 2002 Canoo Trip put-in, signs the First Annual Rendition of the "Oer'turned Canoo." 



Churchyard Boys and the Deli Girls. [Click on images below to enlarge.]

Dick Acorn, seated between raft and canoo, surrounded by goonie buds and new friends (in raft) after bad flip.

Dick Acorn, seated in water to hide beer belly, desperately trying to convince new friends of importance of missile defense. From left: Kathy, Rebecca, Tori, and Danielle, of Carbondale, Pa.

Keith Richards, left, shares a smoke with the late Brian Jones or the newly blonde Mick Jagger (Mike O'Keefe & Jim-Bart Vandenberg.)



Jim "Poncho Peabody" Vandenberg, left, and Chris "Big Daddy" Turner just prior to their 2002 Canoo of the Year journey.