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Greetings from 
the Garden State

Churchyard Boys waving to NJ Turnpike traffic from the top of Snake Hill, Secaucus Meadowlands, NJ.

Drinking-Water Kayaking

For the past two decades, nearly, the fate of the #3 reservoir in the Jersey City Heights has been in the balance. [more]

King Kayak-Canoo -- Waterman Extraordinaire

The opportunity to kayak the mighty Hudson, America's "First River," was not to be missed.. [more]

American Canoo Alliance Founded  

Jersey City, NJ, April 2003 - A disparate confederation of annual Delaware River canooists today formalized their affiliation through the founding of the American Canoo Alliance (ACA). The Jersey City-based ACA will promote the use of hard-shell, or “hardbody” watercraft for river passages, strongly disdaining inflatable “waphts,” “wubber tubies,” or [more]


St. Louis -- Bombed Out

St Louis looks like it is in a war


By Etch [story]

SoHo Grand, NYC -- Review

Review by Shep. [more].

San Antonio, Texas

.. the Alamo, and some Austin too [more].

Taipei, Taiwan

China by any other name. [more]

Shanghai, China

First City of People's Republic of China [more]

Bangkok, Thailand

Rising Jewel of Southeast Asia  [more]

Bristol, UK

Britain's first city of hanging plants [more]

Malvern Hills, UK

Climbing the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, UK .. [more] Newsletter Travels the World

Distribution of newsletter around the world .. [more]

Del Mar, California

God damned nice place. Ocean, trains, beach, fancy dancy shops, surfers, and .. [more]


Racy Mom Spurs Whaft Controversy  

Point Jarvis, NY – May, 2003 – It was a photo that changed 25 years of tradition and tore asunder lifelong friends. [more]

Canooists, Waphties in Tenuous Boat Truce;
New Lodging Rift Looms


June 3, 2006, Delaware River - Following several years of acrimony and name-calling among Canooists and Waphties, the Churchyard Boys enjoyed a tenuous truce during Canoo Weekend, 2006 [more]


Delaware River, NY 

Deli Girls join Church- yard Boys at  their 24th annual Delaware River run. [more]

Delaware River, NY - 2000 & 2001

Churchyard Boys at Annual Delaware River Canoo Trip put-in, Summer, 2001 -- NCA Imposes Sanctions

Delaware River, NY - 2000 & 2001

Churchyard Boys at Annual Delaware River Canoo Trip put-in, June 2, 2000 [more]

Greetings from
Governor's Island


June, 2006: Not too many people are aware you can take a free ferry to Governor's Island, which leaves from right next door to the much better known and widely used Staten Island Ferry. [more]

Randall's Island:
Mysteries Revealed

June, 2006: Of all of New York City's islands, Randall's Island remains the most mysterious. Tucked beneath the Triboro bridge.. [more]


It's not Mars, it's a corner of New York City. [more]

Cocoa Beach, Florida & the 
Kennedy Space Center

Let me tell you, this f'n place is huge; like twice the size of Staten Island. The map they gave me was so misleading. The morning of the first class, I got to a guard gate 10 minutes before the course was to start, thinking I'm like 5 minutes away from the training building, and the guard tells me I'm 18 miles away. Holly shit... [more]

New SI Ferryboat SS Molinari 

January 26, 2004 -- It is a GEORGEOUS boat. Four stories high. It’s got a Hurricane deck !! [more]

Miami Beach

Redheads and football fever. [more]  

St. Louis in the Summertime

Nothing like being in St. Louis in the summertime... picture yourself in the ugliest part of Bayonne New Jersey, with the temperature at 95 degrees and the humidity at 100 percent...[more]

Boating in Connecticut

In pursuit of the elusive fish off the coast of Connecticut. [more]

Gunning It in Wallkill, NY

A trip through the Wallkill, NY woods with AK-47 in hand.

Shootin' in Upstate NY, 
Summer 2001

Fire away [more]