The Ignorant Traveler   

Annual Delaware River Canoo Trip Put-in,
Summer, 2001 

Delaware River, NY

NCA Sanctions

The NCA Executive committee, after an emergency meeting deemed necessary due to the shortest canoe trip in it's history in which all supplies including the canoe itself were lost, levied the following sanctions:

Chris Joyce - banned for life.  Though this is a very severe penalty, the committee felt there was absolutely no chance for any future trip finishes, and there was an excellent chance for bodily injury to himself and anyone crazy enough to be his partner.  Mr. Joyce is forbidden to ever go near another canoe or a body of water while an NCA member.  Doing so brings with it the immediate expulsion of his membership.

Al Gaguski - one year probation.  This is also a severe penalty, but the committee had no choice but to assume that Mr. Gaguski's regular partner must have been the reason for past successful trips.  The shortness of his trip
(approximately 90 seconds) and loss of all supplies, including the canoe itself, warrant a very close look for the next calendar year at Mr. Gaguski's water abilities.  

Failure to meet minimum committee standards during this time subject Mr. Gaguski to further action, including lifetime banishment. Effective immediately, Mr. Gaguski cannot wear Scuba or other Police shirts which can mislead the public to his water skills and cause great bodily harm to innocent people.

Churchyard Boys at Annual Delaware River Canoo Trip put-in, Summer, 2001
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