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Can She Be Stopped?
Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next 
President of the United States Unless ... 

by John Podhoretz

Review by Richard Sheppard


Conservative commentator John Podhoretz proposes what every Republican and conservative alike fears: A Hillary Rodham presidency. Podhoretz, and this reviewer agrees, refuses to underestimate the possibility of another term (or two!) of Clinton White House follies. While he agrees that a Hillary candidacy will electrify the Republican Party to gargantuan feats of politicking to prevent their worst nightmare, nonetheless the author points out that the American electorate is hardly comprised solely of Republicans. 

Podhoretz highlights several scenarios whereby a deceitful Hillary convinces just enough of the undecided electorate of her "moderate" outlook to gain the top prize. Along the way, he wisely points out how GOP assumptions about Hillary's (and Bill's) past transgressions against decency and taste will not prevent her ascension. Moreover, he's convinced she has the discipline necessary to keep the Loony Left wing of the Democrats in check while convincing the remaining electorate of her sham "centrism." In this, you will see much mainstream media cooperation in referring to her as "centrist," "moderate" and "principled." 

There's never been a doubt in this reviewer's mind that Hillary - or as American Spectator editor R. Emmet Tyrrell likes to call her - "Bruno" will do, say, or propose anything to get back in the White House. And to bring back Billy-boy with her. Podhertz concludes his scary scenario with some possible GOP countermoves to Hillary's candidacy, including (among other things) exposing Hillary's liberalism through forced partisan Senate votes, proposing an American pull-out from the U.N., and best of all from this reviewer's perspective, running Rudy Guiliani against her. This reviewer is convinced that Rudy and only Rudy, with a possible Condi Rice running mate, can beat Bruno Rodham. And while Podheretz doesn't dismiss a John McCain candidacy, nor does he think McCain can 1) get the GOP nomination, nor (2) beat Bruno in that unlikely event. All in all, a great look at a horrifyingly possible GOP and conservative nightmare: Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House, with Bubba Bill in tow.