Book Reviews

The Goodfella Tapes

Review by Rich Sheppard


Read a GREAT and hilarious book about the Philadelphia mob wars in 1993-94 that featured the unsuccessful attempts of old-world Sicilian gumbah John Stanfa trying to consolidate his hold on the Philly/South Jersey mob against upstart street punk "Skinny Joey" Merlino. Stanfa like Gotti had too many snitches in his midst, and despite having bigger crews and the tacit support of the NY families, he's now reposing in prison and will not see freedom in this lifetime. 

"It's amazing how stupid the Stanfa faction of the mob was. They botched more hits... It was like recruiting hitmen from the dregs of NY's rummy bar scene."


Merlino, who many think is a stooge for the NY Genovese family, is #2 man in the Philly mob under Ralph Natale. I started reading this book about 9:30 pm last nite and was done by 1:30pm. Hilarious book, great FBI surveillance tapes.