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My Team
Choosing My Dream Team From Forty Years in Baseball

By Larry Dierker

Review by Rich Sheppard


Former player and manager Larry Dierker is, you can tell while reading, a big and opinionated baseball aficionado. And he knows his stuff, although this reviewer is not familiar with his oeuvre as either pitcher or manager. Both, though, I submit, were with the Houston Astros, as he pitched while this reviewer was a Red fan; so the name rings a bell if his accomplishments as a pitcher don't. Couldn't say how he did as a manager except to say, he's not presently managing, usually not a sign of high demand, though today's manager's hop around almost as much as the players.

As the title indicates, Dierker selects players from roughly 1960 through the present day. He does a fair job of this, the book is a sure-fire argument starter as he leaves off some significant players, not including Pete Rose for obvious reasons, but also trying to leave off Keith Hernandez, easily at least the 2nd best 1st baseman in the past 40 years. So fans of various players on and off his team can go at it some. 

One interesting inclusion, not justified except that he's a broadcaster who can influence owners managerial choices, is Tim McCarver. Larry bends over backwards to include McCarver a good, but by no means includable here catcher. Dierker bends his rules a little to say that if Steve Carlton is pitching, Tim has to be on the team. From here, as mentioned, it looks like Dierker wants to get a good word in for Tim, and maybe as the supposed baseball wizard Timmy-boy waxes his broadcasts, he will talk up Larry-boy. A worthy read for baseball fans, especially with contemporary interest. There's lots of room for agreement and disagreement herein, and some different perspectives on measuring baseball talent/players.